The Challenge

Our company had access to a large traffic provider that was sending us over 500 million requests per day. However, this network had no control over its traffic, resulting in a significant amount of bad traffic that was driving up our costs. In fact, we found that 80% of the traffic was bad, while only 20% was of good quality.

The Solution

We turned to ClearTrust to help us filter this traffic more effectively. Their team of experts was able to identify and eliminate the bad traffic, allowing us to focus on the high-quality traffic that was driving results for our advertisers. ClearTrust advanced filtering technology helped us to create a long-lasting relationship with this publisher while offering high-quality traffic at a great price to our advertisers

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“Thanks to ClearTrust's expertise, we were able to significantly reduce our costs while increasing the ROI for our advertising campaigns. We were also able to build a strong, long-term relationship with the traffic provider, resulting in a reliable source of high-quality traffic for our advertisers. Overall, ClearTrust's advanced filtering technology helped us to overcome a major challenge and achieve better results in our online advertising network. We highly recommend ClearTrust for anyone looking to optimize their online advertising efforts and combat fraudulent traffic.”

Bruno Girard