What is a FastLink?

FastLink is a short and secure link that acts as a gateway for your traffic. It ensures that only genuine human visitors are directed to your campaigns, while suspicious or fraudulent traffic is instantly intercepted and dropped. With FastLink, you gain full control over the quality of your traffic, enhancing your conversion rates and safeguarding your business from fraudulent activities.

How does FastLink work?

FastLink combines advanced technology and real-time analysis to deliver unparalleled results. With lightning-fast response times of less than 80 milliseconds, FastLink acts as a security-first smartlink, guaranteeing the highest level of performance for your campaigns. By filtering out bots and non-human traffic in real time, FastLink ensures that your tracking platforms and landing pages receive only genuine, engaged visitors.

Step 1: Conveniently Access the FastLink Panel

Begin by accessing our user-friendly FastLink panel. It's your central hub for managing and optimizing your offerlinks/links. Simply navigate to the panel and paste your offerlink/link in the designated area.

Fastlink Panel

Step 2: Select and Customize Your Filters

FastLink empowers you to customize your traffic filters according to your specific requirements. Choose from a range of filter options to flag and exclude suspicious or unwanted traffic. Tailor the filters to meet your campaign's unique needs, ensuring that you only receive genuine, engaged visitors.

ClearTrust Filters

Step 3: Submit and Generate FastLink

Once you have selected the desired filters, click on the submit button. FastLink will process your request and generate a secure and filtered FastLink specifically designed for your offerlink/link. This generated FastLink acts as your gateway, ensuring that only the intended traffic passes through.

Generate Fastlink

Step 4: Copy and Utilize FastLink

Once FastLink is generated, it's ready for immediate use. Simply copy the FastLink and replace your original offerlink/link with it. FastLink acts as a safeguard, directing only verified, human traffic to your offers while effectively blocking suspicious or undesirable traffic.


FastLink for Affiliate Platforms

Affiliate networks face the challenge of maintaining the integrity of their traffic sources and protecting their advertisers. FastLinks from ClearTrust offer a game-changing solution.

With FastLinks, you can intercept and drop bots and non-human traffic before it reaches your tracking platforms or landing pages. Enjoy real-time traffic filtering with zero failures and minimal latency. FastLinks empowers you to provide your advertisers with genuine, high-quality traffic, leading to increased business and improved ROI.

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Fastlink for Affiliates

FastLink for Advertisers

Advertisers understand the importance of driving genuine, engaged traffic to their campaigns. FastLinks from ClearTrust enable you to achieve just that.

With FastLinks, you can intercept and drop fraudulent traffic before it reaches your landing pages. Experience the power of real-time traffic filtration with FastLinks, ensuring that your funnel remains clean and focused on genuine customer engagement. Say goodbye to lagging indicators and boost your conversions and return on ad spend (RoAS) with FastLinks.

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Fastlink for Advertisers
Why choose Fastlink

Why Choose FastLinks?

Unlock the potential of your campaigns with FastLinks from ClearTrust. Sign up for our 15-day free trial and discover the difference it can make for your affiliate networks and advertisers. Take control of your traffic quality, maximize conversions, and ensure a secure and successful advertising ecosystem.

  • Unparalleled Traffic Quality: FastLinks filter out bots and non-human traffic in real time, ensuring only genuine visitors reach your campaigns.
  • Lightning-Fast Performance: Benefit from the industry-leading response time of less than 80 milliseconds, guaranteeing exceptional speed and reliability.
  • Enhanced Conversions: By focusing on real, engaged visitors, FastLinks help you achieve higher conversion rates and better campaign performance.
  • Advanced Security: FastLinks act as a security-first solution, protecting your business from fraudulent activities and safeguarding your reputation.
ClearTrust CEO

“FastLink is your gateway to a secure and optimized traffic experience. By following a few simple steps, you can protect your offerlinks/links and ensure that only genuine, engaged visitors are directed to your campaigns. With our customizable filters, you have the power to flag and exclude suspicious traffic, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and performance for your offers.”


Co-Founder & CEO

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