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ClearTrust Client- EZMOB
"ClearTrust's real-time monitoring and insights into oRTB post-bid activity gave us a competitive edge in the digital marketplace, allowing us to maintain transparency and integrity in our bidding process. We can now detect any discrepancies and take action to maintain the integrity of our bidding process."

CEO, EZmob

ClearTrust Client- Yeesshh
" Whether it's for performance or XML traffic, ClearTrust has consistently helped me optimize my pop advertisements for both mobile and desktop platforms. ClearTrust has even developed some customized features specifically for our needs, further enhancing the value of their service"

Bruno Girard

ClearTrust Client- Adzvigo
"With ClearTrust, we saw a remarkable drop in IVT% in our traffic, and our mainstream advertisers were pleased with the results. The detailed reports on pub ids, including subs and ips, enabled us to identify fraudulent traffic easily, and take corrective action. We would highly recommend using their services"

Programmatic Head, ADZVIGO Media

Accurate, Flexible, Scalable!

A Cybersecurity platform for Invalid Traffic & AdFraud mitigation

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With ClearTrust, You can...

Mitigate Adfraud Instantly

Validate Traffic in accordance with MRC guidelines for both General & Sophisticated Invalid Traffic

Protect Clicks And AdImpressions

Filter out invalid clicks and protect your ads from getting displayed on suspicious sources

Verify Traffic Sources And Affiliates

If you engage in third party traffic, it would be useful to know , if the traffic source conned you

Analyse Page Views And User Visits

Know if a user visit / page view is from a genuine or suspicious source. Handy when buying traffic

Validate Leads And Conversions

Use our APIs as a postback with any tool and check if the conversion is fake or genuine

Verify Only IPs, Domains And Apps

If you just want to verify IPs, Domains / App Bundles, you have hit the spot. Go ahead and try it

Get Traffic Quality Reports

Drilled down reports on your traffic quality. Get to know the bad sources, threats detected etc.

Protect Traffic At Any Intersection Easily

Enable stronger supply chain. Integrate at Server to Server/ Websites/Ad Impression/App level

One Solution. Many Use Cases


Ensure your ad spend is being used effectively and ads are being displayed to a real audience

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Our tool can analyze patterns, anomalies, and suspicious behavior to quickly identify any potential fraudulent activity.

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Verify the quality of their traffic sources and prevent fraudulent activities on your pages

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Performance Marketing

Our tool can help companies to scan their conversions in real-time and pay for only validated conversions

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Programmatic Platforms

Analyze traffic patterns and user behavior to detect and flag any traffic that appears suspicious.

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Affiliate Networks

Scan the traffic of affiliates on specific campaigns, verify its authenticity, and filter out fraudulent or low-quality traffic

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Digital Marketing Agencies

Verify whether their ads were displayed on legitimate properties and whether they were viewed by real users

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Ad Networks

Verify the authenticity of incoming publisher traffic & ensuring that demand partners receive only clean traffic

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Tracking Platforms

Identify and block fraudulent traffic sources, thus improving data accuracy and enabling better decision-making

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Scans more than 1B+ Daily Events

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Well there are many reasons but, i'll like to highlight a few


ClearTrust offers 24/7 support, so you can always rely on us to help you. We have a support team with NPS of 9.

Magic of Filters

ClearTrust offers over 130 filters, which can be easily turned on or off according to your inventory needs


Our system is flexible, allowing you to switch traps on and off on a per advertiser or per affiliate or per publisher basis.

Powerful Evidences

We provide drilled down reports and evidence for each and every source of your traffic, so you can make informed decisions.

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