Our Investors

Modulor Capital

Modulor Capital is here to change the way people invest, by bringing strategy-based, system-driven, and solution-oriented investing to a variety of investment pockets.

We offer investment opportunities in multiple asset classes with a specialization in Equity - both listed (stocks) & unlisted (venture capital). Our methodology is Quantamental Investing® and we model decisions through the use of data, frameworks, and good old reasoning over the short, medium, and long-term.

Modulor Capital

Pentathlon Ventures

Pentathlon is one of the most popular ancient Olympic sport that demanded athletes to have high levels of Strength, Stamina, Speed, Focus, and Endurance. Similar to what startup companies require to scale new heights.

At Pentathlon Ventures, we work with early-stage technology companies to scale their business by providing Expertise, Ecosystem & Capital.

We are a pure-play technology focused Venture Fund and Scale-up Accelerator.

Pentathlon Ventures

Our Accelerator

Upekkha- India’s #1 B2B SaaS accelerator

In the last 5 years, Upekkha has helped accelerate 100+ startups and created a strong Value SaaS community of 210+ SaaS founders.

Through its mentoring, Upekkha has enabled startups to build profitable capital-efficient, aka Value SaaS businesses that provide high optionality for the founders.

Upekkha aims to have founders who control their startup route as they embark on a profitable growth trajectory.