The Challenge

As a digital marketer, I faced several challenges in managing and optimizing my campaigns, such as:

1. Identifying and addressing invalid traffic (IVT) that affected our advertising budget and overall campaign performance.

2. Monitoring oRTB post-bid activity to ensure the transparency and integrity of our bidding process.

3. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of our website traffic and digital marketing campaigns to make data-driven decisions for optimization.

The Solution

ClearTrust helped us tackle these challenges with their robust platform and features:

IVT Monitoring: ClearTrust's advanced capabilities enabled us to identify and address invalid traffic on our website and marketing campaigns. This helped us optimize our ad spend and ensure we were reaching genuine users.

oRTB Postbid Activity Monitoring: ClearTrust's real-time monitoring of oRTB post-bid activity allowed us to detect any discrepancies and take action to maintain the integrity of our bidding process.

Detect & Verify: With ClearTrust's access to hundreds of triangulated data points, we were able to gain an unprecedented level of accuracy and insight into our website traffic, oRTB postbid activity, and digital marketing campaigns, empowering us to make data-driven decisions.


ClearTrust's real-time monitoring and insights into oRTB post-bid activity gave us a competitive edge in the digital marketplace, allowing us to maintain transparency and integrity in our bidding process.

ClearTrust's accurate and real-time insights empowered us to make informed decisions, boosting our confidence in our marketing strategies and helping us achieve better outcomes.

Idan Kfir