ClearTrust, a leading provider of AdFraud & Invalid Trafiic mitigation solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Bidscube, a renowned programmatic advertising platform. This collaboration signifies a significant advancement for ClearTrust, reinforcing its commitment to combatting fraudulent activities and ensuring a transparent and secure advertising ecosystem.

Bidscube's robust programmatic advertising platform, combined with ClearTrust's cutting-edge AdFraud mitigation technology, creates a powerful synergy to address the evolving challenges faced by the digital advertising industry. This partnership enables ClearTrust to offer its clients enhanced protection against fraudulent activities within programmatic advertising campaigns.

Through the integration with Bidscube, ClearTrust clients gain access to a vast network of demand sources, ensuring quality and legitimate advertising inventory. Bidscube's platform provides real-time bid analysis, ad verification tools, and comprehensive reporting, empowering ClearTrust clients to make informed decisions and detect and prevent fraudulent impressions, clicks, and conversions effectively.

ClearTrust CEO

This partnership allows us to provide our clients with an even stronger defense against fraudulent activities, ensuring their advertising budgets are protected and their campaigns achieve optimal performance. By combining our expertise in AdFraud detection with Bidscube's programmatic advertising platform, we are paving the way for a safer and more transparent digital advertising ecosystem.


Co-Founder & CEO