The Challenge

We had difficulty in identifying fraud traffic from legitimate traffic. It was becoming increasingly challenging to keep track of all the pub ids and monitor their activities individually. It was crucial for us to find a reliable fraud detection tool that could help us identify and prevent ad fraud while ensuring the quality of our traffic.

The Solution

We approached ClearTrust, a fraud detection tool that is integrated with the SmartHub platform. ClearTrust's open filter settings provided us with the much-needed assistance to identify and prevent ad fraud. In just 7 days of using ClearTrust, we saw significant results. The detailed reports on each pub id, including their subs and ips, were extremely helpful in identifying fraudulent traffic.

Vinod Adzvigo

With ClearTrust, we saw a remarkable drop in IVT% in our traffic, and our mainstream advertisers were pleased with the results. The detailed reports on pub ids, including subs and ips, enabled us to identify fraudulent traffic easily, and take corrective action. ClearTrust's Advanced Filter Settings ensured the quality of our traffic, making us a reliable digital-first business in the industry.


Programmatic Head