A Revenue Optimization Platform Struggling with Source Transparency


A Revenue Optimization Platform based in USA dealing in a billion impressions per month was not able to improve its traffic & source quality even after engaging with multiple IVT detection tools

Reason for Approaching ClearTrust

The founder of the platform was a follower of our blogs and emailers. One email covering our offering of ClearTrust NaKD caught his attention and contacted us.


  1. There was a significant drop in validated Traffic
  2. The reports generated were not Transparent
  3. The IVT tools engaged were BlackBox. So they couldn’t help much with source and quality of the traffic
  4. Overall cost increased with loss in the revenue

ClearTrust® Solutions

We offered the customer our ClearTrust NaKD solution which is a SaaS solution that offers transparent reporting of the traffic as it comes, with detailed breakdowns from Invalid to Viewability to Brand Safety. It helps you to review your traffic the way you want, and take optimization actions accordingly.

Key Benefits Offered:

  1. Classification of traffic shades
  2. Detailed reports to engage with suppliers
  3. Matching traffic requirements with business needs
  4. Traffic quality improvement with Source level blocking


The Result

ClearTrust was able to help the customer improve quality of traffic by 35% within 7days of engagement and onboard right suppliers